Scalextric C4421 Ford Escort MK1 RSR Lea Wood

SCA C4421
$119.00 inc GST

Ex-BTCC driver Lea Wood has for 2022 decided to join the host of other drivers campaigning the most extreme MK1 Escort going, the SHP Engineering Ltd produced RSR Escort produced RSR Escort. A Space framed version of the humble Escort the RSR can be...

Scalextric C4418 Shelby Cobra 289 Dragon Snake

SCA C4418
$119.00 inc GST

At the 2021 Goodwood Revival one particular Cobra caught everyone’s eye, the Dragon Snake. Originally a drag racing legend this car has now been turned into a real winner round corners too, thanks to the talented group of engineers at Jordan Racing...

Scalextric C4411 Lamborghini Countach Walter Wolf

SCA C4411
$119.00 inc GST

This iconic Lamborghini Countach was driven by well known F1 team magnate and businessman, Walter Wolf. Featuring his logos and colour schemes this Countach also featured a luxurious interior, meaning that it was as comfortable as it was fast, and as a...