RC Car Accessories & Tools

HPI Racing Pro-Series Tools Body Reamer

HP 115546
$54.95 inc GST

Genuine HPI Racing Pro-Series Body Reamer. HPI Racing Pro-Series are made to exacting standards to fulfil the needs of all RC hobbyists, from bashers to pro-level racers. These tools will perform and look great for years. Features: Large handle for...

Kyosho MZW123 Mini-Z Case w/Accessories Tray

$14.95 inc GST

Handy multiuse case with a MINI-Z logo.Comes with an internal tray with separating plates for flexible space arrangement.It can also be used as a storage/protection box for an on-road type MINI-Z (see below for maximum dimensions). Technical...

Arrowmax Super Diff Spur Gear 48P 80T

$9.50 inc GST

Super Diff spur gear series. Specially designed to combine toughness and a light weight the special shape of the teeth also makes for super quiet running. The gears fit many of today’s electric touring and pan car chassis and are available as 86T...

Arrowmax 1/10 Tyre Warmer Set w/Carry Bag

$239.00 inc GST

Arrowmax is proud to Introduce the all new Tire/ battery Warmer!Tires need heat to reach the proper temperature for optimal grip on the race track. Arrowmax tire warmers provide consistent, even heating so you can get the maximum performance from your...

Dynamite EZ Body Post Marker Set

$32.95 inc GST

The Dynamite EZ body post marker set makes it easier than ever to identify body posthole positions. Especially beneficial for pre-painted bodies, the EZ body post marker set eliminates the guesswork associated with trying to determine where to place body...

Arrowmax Corner Weight System Set w/Carry Bag

$319.00 inc GST

This Corner Weight System by Arrowmax is designed to measure their cars' corner weight distribution easily and make necessary weight adjustments to balance their cars for the best performance. A well-balanced car is generally easier to drive quicker due...

Arrowmax 1/10 Ultra Camber Gauge Black/Gold

$115.00 inc GST

The all new CNC-machined black and golden Super Camber Gauge is the latest invention by Arrowmax. Besides having a setup system to check the camber, having an external way to measure makes it important for racing as well. Without having to switch back...

Tamiya 50197 Snap / Body Pin Set

$5.50 inc GST

TAMIYA 50197 Snap / Body Pin Set ( 15 PCE ) This is a set of large and small snap pins(body clips) for any car or truck kit. INCLUDES: 5- small snap pins(body clips)10- large snap pins(body clips)