RC Car Accessories & Tools

Arrowmax Corner Weight System Set w/Carry Bag

$319.00 inc GST

This Corner Weight System by Arrowmax is designed to measure their cars' corner weight distribution easily and make necessary weight adjustments to balance their cars for the best performance. A well-balanced car is generally easier to drive quicker due...

Arrowmax 1/10 Ultra Camber Gauge Black/Gold

$115.00 inc GST

The all new CNC-machined black and golden Super Camber Gauge is the latest invention by Arrowmax. Besides having a setup system to check the camber, having an external way to measure makes it important for racing as well. Without having to switch back...

Tamiya 50197 Snap / Body Pin Set

$5.50 inc GST

TAMIYA 50197 Snap / Body Pin Set ( 15 PCE ) This is a set of large and small snap pins(body clips) for any car or truck kit. INCLUDES: 5- small snap pins(body clips)10- large snap pins(body clips)  

SAB Reduction Box for 540 Motor

$49.95 inc GST

Reduction box for standard 540 motors. This reduction boxes will fit all 540 type motors. These reduction boxes are quietrunning and with a 2 to 1 reduction they have plenty of torque. With a suitable speedcontroller they become an efficient power...

Arrowmax Digital Diff Checker

$199.00 inc GST

The newly design, built-in battery diff checker is small, compact and also powerful. The Diff checker can be easily charge using a micro usb connector. With 0.0000 decimal display, the Arrowmax diff checker is the most accurate on the market. The...

Losi Nutdriver Set - Metric 4pc set Titanium

$79.99 inc GST

LOSI 4pc Metric Driver set Key Features Hard-anodized bronze handles with laser-etched Team Losi® logo Machined from drill blank steel Treated with an unstrippable gold titanium nitride finish Sizes included: 4.5mm, 5.5mm, 7mm and 8mm

Arrowmax Phillips Screwdriver 5.0 X 120MM

$21.95 inc GST

Arrowmax Phillips Screwdriver 5.0 X 120MM A sharp purple anodised hollow aluminium handle, Light weight non-slip hollow, hard anodized aluminum handles with size indication rings .Machined special spring steel for long life and excellent torsion. Sturdy...