RC Car Accessories & Tools

Tamiya 54973 Panel Line Pin Stripe Stickers

$12.95 inc GST

Tamiya R/C car bodies are among the most detailed replicas available. You can now further enhance the scale look by adding depth with the use of this panel line sticker. Key Features: Sticker Sheet x1 The sheet features a number of thin black...

Tamiya 54784 RC Body Reinforcing Tape

$14.95 inc GST

Key Features: This discreet clear tape can be used to reinforce polycarbonate and resin R/C model bodies, not only to repair damage, but also as a preventative measure. 35mm width x 50cm length. What's In The Box? Tamiya 54784 RC Body...

Tamiya 54430 Sponge Tape For Bumber

$7.95 inc GST

Key Features: Eliminate any gaps between urethane bumper and body with this handy sponge tape. Less body wobble means a more stable and predictable drive. Has a range of other applications, including affixing battery pack. Contains 10 strips of...

Tamiya 54152 RC Damper Oil Air Remover

$69.95 inc GST

Remove air from your shock damper oil swiftly and efficiently for maximized damper performance. The pump lowers air pressure, causing bubbles to rise to the top. Can also be used as a damper stand. Can be used on up to 4 shock dampers simultaneously...

Tamiya 50478 Skyline Rear Gear Case

$25.95 inc GST

To keep your car in the best condition at all times, replace worn out parts immediately. Use spare parts for repair and maintenance. What's In The Box? Tamiya 50478 Skyline Rear Gear Case

Tamiya 50245 Snap Connector Set

$8.95 inc GST

This is Tamiya Snap Connector Set For 540 Brushed Motor. This RC Snap Connector Set is used for Tamiya cars that come with 540, brushed type electric motors, and ESC's (Electronic Speed Controls). The connectors in this set can be used to...

R1 Wurks AAFC Advanced Anti-Friction Coating 5ml

$32.95 inc GST

Introducing the R1 Wurks AAFC - Advanced Anti-Friction CoatingApply coating to ball joints, hinge pins, steering bushings, gears and anywhere reduced friction is desired.Application Methods: Direct Method: Brush R1 AAFC directly onto the surface,...

R1 Wurks DOPE Double Ceramic Bearing Lube Bundle

$28.95 inc GST

Package includes two bottles of lubricant formulated to keep your bearings running smooth. Bearing Lube, Pink: (10ml DOPE Double Ceramic Bearing Lube)Thin viscosity, perfect for motor bearings. Long Life Bearing Lube, Blue: (10ml DOPE Double Ceramic...

GT Power Tyre Warmer Set

$84.95 inc GST

This is G.T. Power RC Tire Warmer with Temperature Controller. For 1/10 Touring Car / 1/10 M Car / 1/10 F1 Why do you need a tire warmer? = Because you get on the pace faster and more stable performance! A tire warmer is beneficial to have, so the...

Kyosho MZW124 Mini-Z X-Speed Motor Checker

$259.00 inc GST

Kyosho Mini-Z X-Speed Motor Checker. This motor checker is a great option for checking the performance of your Mini-Z motor. Using this will allow you to break-in a brushed motor, measure output for brushed inspection, measure RPM of brushed and...

HPI Racing Ultra-CA Tyre Glue 20g

HP 101999
$17.95 inc GST

Thin CA Glue for tyres. Plastc 20g bottle with long nozzle and cap. Use HPI Ultra-CA Tyre Glue to secure tyres onto wheels of all types! HPI Ultra-CA Tyre Glue comes with a long nozzle for easy application in tight spots and a secure screw-tight cap for...