RC Engines

DLE 120 Twin Cylinder Petrol Engine

$1,299.00 inc GST

DLE120 120cc 2-Stroke Petrol Engine Maximum power at minimum weight! The DLE-120 delivers 50 lbs of static thrust—more than enough power for intense 3D maneuvers. Twin opposed cylinders reduce vibration and engine wear and increase...

DLE 20 20cc Petrol Engine

$449.00 inc GST

DLE-20 20cc Petrol Engine Glow power isn't the only option anymore! The DLE-20 not only fills the displacement gap, but includes a beam mount to make the glow-to-gasoline upgrade drop-in fast and easy. A rear pumper carb simplifies installation and...

Kolm IL150 V4 3 Cylinder Long Engine

$7,899.00 inc GST

  The IL150-3 engine is well-known among warbird fans, and is ideally suited for models up to 25kg. This drive unit features small installation dimensions; it can be equipped with an electric starter as an option, and is available in long and...

Kolm IL100 V4 2 Cylinder Long Engine

$5,899.00 inc GST

  This is the new version of the KOLM IL100 V4 Long Engine , with individual carburetors per cylinder - this engine is a real power house for your beloved war-birds! OPTIONS AVAILABLE:Electric starterAvailable with clockwise or...

Kolm IL155 V4 2 Cylinder Long Engine

$6,399.00 inc GST

  The IL155-V4 engine has proved its worth as an extremely reliable drive unit for warbird models with take-off weight up to 25kg. It is also available with a 270° or 180° crankshaft. All versions of IL155 can be equipped with an...

RCGF 15cc BM Rear Carb Gasoline Engine

$499.00 inc GST

RCGF 15CC BM Rear Carb Gasoline Aircraft ENGINE This engine has a side exhaust and a rear mounted carb. FEATURES:   Type : 2 cycle piston valve type gasoline engine for airplane  Displacement (cc) : 15cc (.91 cu in) Bore...

DLE 30 30cc Petrol Engine

$529.00 inc GST

DLE 30 30cc Petrol Engine With the DLE-30, you get the economy of a gasoline engine in the size of a glow engine.Electronic ignition provides the spark for fast starting. Timing automatically adjusts for peak power throughout the rpm range. And a...

DLE85 85cc 2-Stroke Petrol Engine

$979.00 inc GST

DLE85 85cc 2-Stroke Petrol Engine For giant-scale enthusiasts the DLE-85 is not only an impressive powerhouse, it's also an amazing value as well! Vibration — a real concern for a single cylinder engine this large — is kept in check by the...

DLE 55 55cc 2-Stroke Petrol Engine

$589.00 inc GST

DLE 55 55cc 2-Stroke Petrol Engine If you are looking for a 50cc or 100cc size gas engine, that is light weight, powerful, of high quality the DLE is an excellent choice! PACKAGE INCLUDES:   DLE-55 Engine Version 2.0 Electronic (Auto...

DLE 35RA 35cc 2-Stroke Petrol Engine

$599.00 inc GST

DLE 35RA 35cc 2-Stroke Petrol Engine Producing 400 rpm more than the DLE-30, the DLE-35RA offers gas power convenience and performance in a popular size — great for pattern pilots and any fliers eager to give their aerobatic aircraft an extra...

DLE 60 Twin Cylinder Petrol Engine

$999.00 inc GST

DLE60 60cc 2-Stroke Petrol Engine Give your sport aircraft the low-vibration smoothness and unique sound of a horizontally opposed twin! The DLE-60 Twin gasoline engine also offers strong horsepower and an excellent power-to-weight ratio, keeping weight...