Traxxas Parts

Traxxas 2996x 4S LiPo Battery Completer Pack

$289.00 inc GST

The #2996X 4S Completer Pack delivers ultimate power to your Maxx® for the speed and acceleration you crave. Punch the throttle and the 4-cell 5000mAh iD LiPo battery lights up the tires for blistering 60+mph speeds and long run times. Traxxas iD...

Traxxas 3637 Axles Front 2pcs

$7.50 inc GST

Replacement or upgrade part for these Traxxas models: 36034 - Bigfoot Original 36044 - Son-Uva Digger 36064 - Skully Monster Truck 36076 - Stampede 2WD VXL 36084 - New Bigfoot 36094 - Craniac Monster Truck 37054 - Rustler 2WD XL-5 37076 - Rustler...