Battery Accessories

GT-Power Electronic Switch w/LED 14Amp Peak

$29.99 inc GST

Features:Compact and extremely portableProtect your battery away from damage of discharge and overchargeHigh quality and durable in useUse LED to display the test conditionSpecification:Brand name: G.T.POWERWeight: 10gDimension: 43 * 33 * 9mmDisplay:...

Arrowmax Lipo Safe Bag 185x75x60mm

$19.99 inc GST

Arrowmax introduce their updated this stylish LiPo safety bag for charging and storing LiPo batteries packs. They are made from fire-resistant fabric and minimise the harm to your pit table and surrounding areas in case a LiPo pack goes boom for whatever...

JST to 2.54mm Jumper Lead

$3.00 inc GST

A JST female plug to 2.54mm pitch male jumper lead for a variety of uses. This lead is the best solution for batteries that are slightly out of balance; simply plug it into the individual cells on the balance lead, select a 1S charge rate and you...

XT60U (XT60 Upgrade) Male Connector

$3.90 inc GST

The best battery connectors on the market just got better with the development of the XT60U.Like the original XT60, this connector is made from high-temp nylon with gold plated connectors so the XT60U continues to provide an excellent high-amp...