1/144 Plastic Model Aircraft

Revell 1/144 Boeing 777-300ER

$99.00 inc GST

A model construction kit of the Boeing 777-300ER, a two-engine wide-body long range passenger aircraft with seating for up to 550 passengers. The 777-300ER version has a larger wing area and extra fuel tanks giving it a range of 14600km (9072 miles) -...

Revell 1/44 Airbus A320 Neo Lufthansa

$64.95 inc GST

The A320neo is the latest addition to Airbus' successful family of short- and medium-haul passenger aircraft. "neo" stands for "new engine option" and features new, modern engines. One of the first customers is the German Lufthansa, which naturally...

Revell 1/144 Airbus A380-800 Lufthansa Model

$99.95 inc GST

Model replica of the Airbus A380. The still largest and most modern passenger aircraft in the world offers space for around 550 passengers. Lufthansa has been using the A380 in its new design since 2018. Features: Detailed landing gear 22 wheels...