Italeri 1/72 P-38J Lightning

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The Lockheed P-38 Lightning was certainly one of the foremost aircraft of WW2 in terms of aerodynamic structure and design. It was a revolutionary heavy fighter with a twin-boom fuselage where the...

Italeri 1/48 B-25G Mitchell

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The North American B-25 Mitchell was probably one of the best medium bombers of World War II. The first flight of the twin-engine North American plane was done in 1939. Powered by two 1750 HP Wright...

Italeri 1/72 Gulf War Tornado GR.1

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TORNADO GR.1 The multirole Tornado is a twin-engine combat aircraft with a variable-sweep wing. This kind of aircraft is the result of a joint development project carried out by British, German and...

Italeri 1/35 Kangaroo

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NEW GLUABLE RUBBER TRUCKS - SUPER DECALS FOR 3 VERSIONS - COLOR INSTRUCTIONS SHEET During the Africa campaign, the British Army used some Stuart light tanks, without the turrets, as armored...