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Billing Boats 1/40 1/40 Colin Archer Model Kit

BIL 01-00-0606
$239.00 inc GST

Billing Boats Colin Archer Colin Archer was a Norwegian naval architect and shipbuilder known for designing sturdy and seaworthy vessels, particularly rescue boats and pilot boats. His most famous design is the Colin Archer rescue boat, which became...

Billing Boats 1/100 USS Constitution Model Kit

BIL 01-00-0508
$679.00 inc GST

Billing Boats USS Constitution The USS Constitution, also known as “Old Ironsides,” is a historic ship with a storied past that is deeply intertwined with the early history of the United States Navy. Launched in 1797, the USS Constitution is...

Billing Boats 1/50 St. Canute R/C Capable Kit

BIL 01-00-0700
$389.00 inc GST

St. Canute was a famous Danish steamship that played a significant role in World War II. The ship was originally launched in 1931 as a commercial passenger and cargo vessel named MS Argentina. It was owned and operated by the Danish East Asiatic Company...

Billings Boat 1/76 Fairmont Alpine R/C Capable Kit

BIL 01-00-0506
$929.00 inc GST

In order to meet the highest quality standards imposed by its world-wide clientele Fairmount Marine ordered no less than five new 205 tons bollard pull long distance towing vessels with anchor handling capacities from the Niigata Shipyard in Japan. Of...

Billing Boats 1/12 Slo-Mo-Shun IV R/C Capable Kit

BIL 01-00-0520
$460.00 inc GST

When three men met in early 1949 at a Seattle sailboat shop, none of them could have foreseen the peculiar and far-reaching consequences of their joint venture to build a better race boat. Slo-mo-shun IV was indeed better than any previous race boat. But...

Billing Boats 1/40 US Coast Guard Model Kit

BIL 01-00-0100
$109.00 inc GST

Famous US Coast Guard Lifeboat. Plastic hull 1:40 scale, 9.29" H 14.29" L 4.21" W This 44-foot Coast Guard is a very seaworthy lifeboat, designed to carry out search and rescue assignments in poor weather and water conditions. With a skilled and...

Billing Boats BB556 1/15 Kadet Model Boat Kit

BIL 01-00-0566
$229.00 inc GST

Billing Boats Kadet The Kadet is the perfect kit for navigation buffs who actually want to sail the model ships. This model is specifically designed for remote control operation – sturdy, well-balanced models every bit as authentic as the rest of...

Billing Boats 1/75 Cutty Sark Kit

BIL 01-00-0564
$879.00 inc GST

Billing Boats (B564) Cutty Sark Sailing Clipper Ship - Model Boat & Fittings is a scale model Tea Clipper Ship. Tea clipper launched in 1869. Length 85.34 m, breadth 10,97 m, draught 6,4 m and displacement of 2,133 tons. The most famous of all tea...

Billing Boats 1/15 Phantom R/C Capable Kit

BIL 01-00-0710
$295.00 inc GST

Billing Boats PhantomA Classic American runabout from the mid-1920s. This type of boat was mainly used as racingboats, but in some cases also as tenders, for those who had a larger yacht. Racingboats from that time were built in beautiful classic...

Billing Boats 1/144 Scale RMS Titanic R/C Capable

BIL 01-00-0510
$2,549.00 inc GST

Billing Boats (BB510) RMS Titanic - Model Boat & Fittings is a scale model of the famous ocean liner RMS Titanic. RMS Titanic was a British passenger liner that sank in the North Atlantic Ocean on 15 April 1912 after colliding with an iceberg during...

Billing Boats 1/50 Scale - Banckert R/C Capable Kit

BIL 01-00-0516
$599.00 inc GST

This vessel was built in 1965 at the N.V. Scheepswerven in Millingen, Holland, and called "Maasbank". In September 1977 it was renamed "Banckert". The Maasbank served for 12 years in the Western part of Holland. Length 32.75 m, breadth 7,85 m, draught...