Servo Extension Leads

10cm JR Male to Male Servo Lead

$4.50 inc GST

Quality wire and connectors used on all Servo Lead Extensions. Comes with male to male connections. Ideal for connecting your receiver to the multirotor control board. Technical Specifications:Lead Length: 10cmWire gauge: 26AWGPlug type: JR male to JR...

26AWG Servo Wire 5m

$16.95 inc GST

High quality servo wire for making your own custom length servo leads. Specs:Dimensions: 3.65 x 1.2mmLength: 5mGauge: 26AWGOuter Material: PVCColor: Red/Brown/Orange

40CM Servo extension Lead: JR

$4.50 inc GST

40CM Servo extension Lead: JR   This is a 3 core and come with the JR type connector for use in JR/Align/Hitec products Specs:Lead Length: 40cmWire gauge: 26AWGWeight: 5.0gPlug type: JR

Futaba Twisted Servo Y-Leads 30cm

$4.00 inc GST

Twisted 30cm Servo Y-Leads are stronger & allow more current than standard servo wires. Great for larger planes with servos that experience high loads.Specs:Wire Length: 30cmServo Plug Type: FutabaWeight: 10.3g(Each)Wire Gauge: 24AWG