Blade mCP X BL2 BNF Micro 3D Helicopter

$399.00 inc GST

Learning 3D heli aerobatics is now much less intimidating thanks to the durable design, refined flight performance, and SAFE® Technology in the Blade® mCP X BL2.Positioned as a beginner to intermediate heli between the Blade Nano S2...

DJI Tello Replacement Battery

$38.95 inc GST

Features  Insert the battery into the aircraft and charge the battery by connecting the Micro USB port on the aircraft to a charger. Highlights  Specially made for Tello High-quality cells Easy to mount Compatibility Tello

Roban B412 ERA Super Scale 800 ARF RC Helicopter

$3,249.00 inc GST

Robans new 412 is now available. It‘s the 13th product in our Super Scale series. Our new True Scale Design locates the cockpit exactly at the right spot, unlike on most canopies based on 3D mechanics. The compact mechanic is built into the engine...

Blade 200 SR X RTF Helicopter

$499.00 inc GST

Advancing from a beginner heli to an intermediate flybarless heli has never been more seamless than with the 200 SR X. The Blade® 200 SR X is the first fixed pitch heli to employ SAFE™ technology for an unparalleled flybarless heli experience...

DJI Mavic 2 Zoom Fishing Combo

$2,599.00 inc GST

Features   Flight Time Aperture Video Resolution Control Range Gimbal Effective Pixels 31 Min F2.8 (24mm) F2.8 (48mm) 4k 30fps 8 km  3-axis 12mp   Gannet Bait Release Mavic 2...

RealFlight Wired Interface Only No Software

$89.00 inc GST

Command on hand! Control all the features, sites, and aircraft of RealFlight with the same radio you take to the field! The Wired Interface allows you to instantly access the simulator. Plus, the ever-popular “Reset/Rewind” button is...

Blade 230 S V2 RTF Helicopter

$649.00 inc GST

For those looking to hone their skills on a collective pitch machine, the Blade® 230 S V2 takes the flight experience to the next level. Building off the widely popular platform, this new version adds key improvements geared at growing pilot skills...