RC Drone Parts

DJI Goggles Integra

$749.00 inc GST

Soak up the sky with DJI Goggles Integra, and extend your experience with DJI Avata and DJI RC Motion 2 for acute control and immersive, first-person flight Key Features: DJI Goggles Integra features an integrated design, adopts two 1080p Micro-OLED...

DJI Mini 2 Intelligent Flight Battery

$99.00 inc GST

The DJI Mini 2 Intelligent Flight Battery features a high energy density that not only lowers the overall weight but extends max flight time to 31 minutes for even more fun. With the built-in DJI Intelligent Battery Management System, battery status is...

DJI RC Remote Controller

$479.00 inc GST

DJI RC is a remote controller that delivers an exceptional operating experience for DJI drones. With a lightweight body, FHD display, and ultra-long battery life, it also features new dual-spring control sticks for more comfortable flying and supports...

EFLB1501S45 150mAh 1S 3.7V 45C LiPo Battery

$19.95 inc GST

EFLB1501S45 150mAh 1S 3.7V 45C LiPo Battery Upgrade for the E-Flite, ParkZone and HobbyZone micro RC Planes and BLADE RC Helicopters and Drones   Voltage: 3.7v Single Cell Capacity: 150 mAh Discharge: 45C Weight: 4.5 grams Dimensions: 37mm x...