Pro-Line Racing 1/10 RC Body Liquid Mask 16oz

$54.95 inc GST

Pro-Line Liquid Mask is what you need to take your custom-painted RC bodies to the next level, just like the Pros! Say goodbye to masking tape and bleeding edges! Our liquid mask is ready to spray or brush onto your RC body straight from the bottle with...

Vision Racing MXM Synthetic Bearing Oil

$13.95 inc GST

Vision Racing Is proud to introduce the MXM high performance synthetic bearing oil for the C5 line of ceramic bearings. This blend is specially for mod racing where a longer lasting oil is preferred. This high grade synthetic oil comes in a 20ml...

Arrowmax 450170 Nut Driver 7.0x100mm Honeycomb

$44.95 inc GST

ArrowMax NUT DRIVER 7.0 X 100MM Honeycomb AM-450170 Key Features: The new tools feature an eye-catching hollow honeycomb design with light weight handle for easy traveling. The tips are spring steel and titanium nitride coated to make it harder and...

Ming Yang Expanded Scale Voltmeter

$39.95 inc GST

Expanded Scale Voltmeter Key Features: High precision testing voltage of 9.6V transmitter and 4.8V receiver packs. Lets you chart your batteries discharge characteristics. Tests batteries under simulated serve load for accurate readings. Adaptable...

Super Glue Contact Cement 28.3g

$6.50 inc GST

Contact CementContact Cement is a flexible acrylic contact adhesive used to bond tile, rubber, wood, leather, metal, Formica, most plastics and much more. Remains flexible after cure and is an ideal shoe glue. Works Best...