Slot Car Sets

Scalextric C1436 ARC PRO Pro-Platinum GT Set

SCA C1436
$1,649.00 inc GST

Scalextric ARC PRO; the first digital slot car race control system that allows users to wirelessly create and manage races through the use of a handheld smart device. Using Scalextric's revolutionary new ARC Pro powerbase in conjunction with this app,...

Scalextric C1433 Police Chase Set

SCA C1433
$399.00 inc GST

In this fantastic new set from Scalextric you can either be the good guys in the police BMW 330i, or the criminals on the run in the amazing red Chevrolet Corvette C8R. With the BMW having flashing lights and a siren, and the Corvette having the pace to...

Scalextric C1421 Mustang Drift 360 Race Set

SCA C1421
$319.00 inc GST

Race two Ford Mustang GT4 cars around a figure of eight track in this Drift 360 race set. Take on your opponent in a full-on, door bashing, side-by-side duel but watch out at the crossroads where you can make a 180 or 360 turn to confuse your adversary...

Scalextric C1422M Street Cruisers Race Set

SCA C1422
$319.00 inc GST

The Scalextric Rasio takes on the elegant Pagani Huayra Roadster BC in this Street Cruisers race set. This set features everything you need to start your racing career, including: 2 easy speed limiting hand controllers, 2 crash resistant cars and over 4...

Scalextric C1412M Ginetta Racers Set

SCA C1412
$319.00 inc GST

These sleek Ginetta Prototype cars are true thoroughbred racers. Designed to compete at the highest level they feature powerful engines and lots of downforce to keep them planted to the racetrack.With four different track layouts and two cars included,...