Car Brushed Motors

Tamiya 54393 380 Sport Tuned Brushed Motor

$22.95 inc GST

Tamiya #54393 Type 380 Sport Tuned Motor This is a new Type 380 Sport-Tuned Motor for RM-01 and TA05 M-Four chassis. When used with the model"s standard gear ratio, it offers a higher top speed and improved acceleration than Type 380-S motor (Item 51487)...

Tamiya 51673 540-N Brushed Motor

$34.95 inc GST

This is Tamiya Type 540-N Brushed Motor. Use this motor as a spare for Tamiya kits that include brushed 540-size motors. It’s a genuine replacement motor that offers optimum balance of power and efficiency, plus superior durability. Note; This is...

Maverick MM-550 15T Brushed Motor

MV 150040
$36.95 inc GST

The MM-550 15T Electric Motor is the most powerful brushed motor in the Maverick line-up! If you're looking for an easy to use power boost for your off-road racer or touring car RC, this is the motor you've been looking for! The large 550 can size means...

Arrma AR390242 Mega SRS 540 Brushed Motor 20T

$40.00 inc GST

Arrma AR390242 Mega SRS 540 Brushed Motor 20T Suits Granite Voltage 2WD Overview: This ARRMA MEGA brushed motor will provide exciting and consistent performance in all conditions. Exciting bushed power will help you push your ARRMA vehicle to new...

Dynamite DYNS1210 Tazer 380 Motor

$39.95 inc GST

Dynamite Tazer 380 Motor. This is the 25 Turn motor included with the ECX Roost 1/18 and includes factory installed motor wires with bullet connectors helping to make installation easier. Technical Specifications:Adjustable Timing: NoBearings or...

Tamiya 54392 FL Tuned 30T Brushed 540 Motor

$52.90 inc GST

Tamiya 54392 FL Tuned 30T Brushed 540 Motor   It offers performance that is ideal for novice drivers as well as M-Chassis Cars Motor brush (standard type) replacement and the use of commutator cleaning brushes are possible to ensure motor...

Tamiya RS-540 Torque Tuned Motor

$39.95 inc GST

Tamiya RS-540 Torque Tuned Motor  This is the Tamiya 25 Turn RS-540 Torque Tuned Brushed Motor.   FEATURES Ideal upgrade for 1/10 scale RTR Tamiya electric vehicles\   INCLUDES Tamiya 25 Turn RS-540 Torque...

Tamiya 54114 CR Tuned 35T Brushed 540 Motor

$65.90 inc GST

Tamiya 54114 CR Tuned 35T Brushed 540 Motor   When rock crawling, it is very important to have a motor that provides the appropriate amount of torque required, to give you more control over the vehicle. Tamiya is releasing the CR-Tuned Motor (35T)...