Engine Accessories

Align HFSSTQ02 Super Starter For Airplane

$229.00 inc GST

This is the Align Airplane Super Starter.  This convenient lightweight hand starter runs off LiPo battery power and features a simple one button start. Built into the starter are many smart electrical safety securities to keep you and your equipment...

Hangar 9 PowerPro HD 12V Starter

$89.00 inc GST

Key Features Reliable high-power 12V DC motor For airplanes, cars, boats or helicopters Convenient and easy to operate High-torque output starts engines up to 1.8-cubic inches in size Mounts easily to PowerPro PortaSource Silicone rubber...

Kyosho 73204 Nitro Starter Pack

$75.00 inc GST

Kyosho 73204 Nitro Starter Pack   The Kyosho nitro starter pack includes practically everything you need to run your nitro vehicle. Includes a fuel bottle, re-chargeable igniter with charger, a phillips and flathead screwdrivers,...

Large Scale Safety Kill Switch

$44.95 inc GST

Large Scale Safety Kill Switch   Features: Kills your 2-cycle gas engine on command, loss of radio signal, low battery, or total battery power loss Comes ready to install — no soldering required Optically Coupled to isolate your...

O.S. #10 A5 Glow Plug Cold Air

$17.50 inc GST

O.S. #10 A5 Glow Plug Cold Air   This is the #10 (A5) Glow Plug from O.S. Engines. FEATURES: Medium-cold heat range plug that is ideal for aircraft glow engines .60 cu in (9.8cc) and larger INCLUDES: One #10 (formerly A5) glow plug...

O.S. #6 A3 Glow Plug Hot Air

$13.90 inc GST

O.S. #6 A3 Glow Plug Hot Air The O.S. #6 (A3) glow plug is similar to the #8 plug only more economical. FEATURES: Hot heat range plug for most model engine applications. Works well in any two stroke engine from .10-size to .60 Thick, solid...