Kyosho Planes

Kyosho 11251P-C Calmato Alpha 40 Trainer EP/GP ARF

$309.00 inc GST

Replica competition model joins Kyosho’s beginner-friendly lineup of high-performance trainers! This new addition to the Kyosho Calmato α 40 lineup exhibits an optimal balance of flying stability and direct control response, ideal for...

Kyosho 11255P Calmato Sports 40 EP/GP Low Wing ARF

$309.00 inc GST

Enjoy low wing flight in style with this replica competition model addition to the Calmato lineup. Enjoy the perfect introduction to low wing flight with optimal maneuverability for loops, rolls and other stunts with this new addition to the Kyosho...

Kyosho 11872 SQS Warbird SPITFIRE Mk.V GP50 ARF

$595.00 inc GST

The iconic WWII allied fighter including retractable landing gear and functional split flaps. The classic lines and superior flight performance is captured in this 50-size model! The Spitfire is without a doubt, one of the most famous fighters of...

Kyosho 11873 FW190A ARF EP/GP .50

$649.00 inc GST

The airplane that secured German control over Europe’s skies in the mid part of WWII recreated in fine detail as a 50-size balsa airplane model!   From its entry into battle in 1941, the Focke-Wulf Fw190 joined the Messerschmitt Bf109 as the...

Kyosho 11874 EP/GP 50 Zero A6M5 ARF

$589.00 inc GST

The Japanese Navy’s main fighter was active from the middle to the end of WWII has been realistically reproduced. The Kyosho GP50 ARF ZERO A6M5 Playing its crucial role as the Japanese Navy’s main fighter, the Zero Fighter Model 52 joined...