Control Systems

DU-BRO 108 KWIK-LINK ON A 12", 2-56 ROD

$4.90 inc GST

Du-Bro 108 Kwik-Link on a 12", 2-56 Rod The Dubro Kwik-Link 2-56 Spring Steel on Threaded Rod x 12" #108 is a complete assembly for any control linkage. It allows easy removal for on-the-field adjustments. Features 12" long 0.072 diameter rod with 3/4"...

Du-Bro 228 Nylon Mini Kwik Links

$3.00 inc GST

Du-Bro 228 Nylon Mini Kwik LinksFEATURESNylon constructionSelf threading for 2-56 rods or couplers. INCLUDES Two nylon clevises REQUIREMENTS 2-56 rods or couplers SPECIFICATIONS Length: .75" COMMENTS These Mini Kwik-Links...

Du-Bro 2262 Heavy Duty Ball Links 4-40

$17.50 inc GST

Du-Bro 2262 Heavy Duty Ball Links 4-40These ball links thread onto 4-40 rods for reliable control.  FEATURES Nylon ball links with pre-installed brass balls INCLUDES Two heavy duty ball endsTwo 4-40 x 5/8" caphead...

Du-Bro 215 V-Tail Mixer

$30.50 inc GST

Du-Bro 215 V-Tail MixerFor V-Tails, flying wings, and to control ruddervators and flaperons. Utilizes ball links throughout for an absolute no-play linkage. Light, compact, and fully adjustable. 3/32" collars and ball links have 4-40 thread. 2-56...

Du-Bro 205 Steel Rod End Assembly 4-40

$29.50 inc GST

Du-Bro 205 Steel Rod End Assembly 4-40This is a Rod End set by Dubro. These rods work well as tail bracing, flying wires, aileron connectors on biplanes, strut bracing, and anywhere a solid wire connection is needed.  FEATURES Solid steel...

Du-Bro 201 Rigging Couplers 2-56

$9.50 inc GST

Du-Bro 201 Rigging Couplers 2-56  Key Features cable controls, flying wires, and other linkage requirements 4 per package Overview These couplers thread into Du-Bro steel Kwik-Links and are perfect for cable controls, flying wires, and...

Du-Bro 190 Threaded Ball Links 1/16"

$8.00 inc GST

Du-Bro 190 Threaded Ball Links 1/16"FEATURES Nylon, brass, & steel construction INCLUDES One ball link (ball cup) (self-threading, white nylon) (.638" long)One ball stud (threaded for a 0-80 (1/16") nut) (black steel)(.375" total...

Du-Bro 189 Ball Links Aileron Horn Wire

$9.50 inc GST

Du-Bro 189 Ball Links Aileron Horn WireThis set is used to connect your strip aileron horn wires to your aileron pushrods. Also used as dual take off connectors.  INCLUDES 2- steel horn wire ball links for 3/32" horn wire2-...

Du-Bro 188 Ball Link Sockets

$5.00 inc GST

Du-Bro 188 Ball Link SocketsThese are 2-56 Ball Link Sockets also called Ball Cups  FEATURES White nylon construction INCLUDES Four ball link sockets REQUIREMENTS 2-56 threaded rod SPECIFICATIONS Length: .625"...

Du-Bro 186 Strip Aileron Ball Link Assembly

$21.00 inc GST

Du-Bro 186 Strip Aileron Ball Link AssemblyFEATURES Steel and nylon construction INCLUDES One left pre-bent aileron control wire w with pre-installed hingeOne right pre-bent aileron control wire with pre-installed hingeTwo 2-56x6" aileron...

Du-Bro 181 Ball Link Threaded 2-56

$6.50 inc GST

Du-Bro 181 Ball Link Threaded 2-56This 5-piece set will attach your 1/16" pushrod wire to almost any servo arm, bellcrank, control horn or throttle rod.Includes:1- ball with 2-56 thread1- threaded brass coupler (3/4" long with 3/8" 2-56 thread forup to...

Du-Bro 180 Bolt-On Ball Link

$5.50 inc GST

Du-Bro 180 Bolt-On Ball LinkFEATURESNylon constructed ball link (ball cup)Brass constructed couplerSteel constructed ball with bolt INCLUDES One ball link (.638" long)One ball (threaded for a 4-40 rod or bolt)(.403" tall w/ .152"...

Du-Bro 172 Threaded Rod 2-56 x 12"

$3.00 inc GST

Du-Bro 172 Threaded Rod 2-56 x 12"Can be used in conjunction with nylon or steel Kwik-links or with ball links where extra long pushrods are needed. Bendable and strong. Rods are available with 3/4" (19mm) thread on one end.