Plastic Model Military

Academy 13254 1/35 M51 Super Sherman IDF Model Kit

$49.95 inc GST

The M50 / M51 Super Sherman (also known as Isherman or M1) was an Israeli tank from the post-war period. The first vehicles of this type were ready for service in 1956. The drive was initially provided by a single Continental R-975 engine with a power of...

Tamiya 1/35 U.S. Tank Destroyer M18 Hellcat

$79.95 inc GST

The M18 Hellcat was an American tank destroyer developed to counter the German Army tanks, and it featured an open top design turret and powerful 76mm gun, plus a main gun breech rotated 45 degrees around the gun barrel to save space in the turret...

Tamiya 1/35 M3A1 Scout Car

$64.95 inc GST

1939 saw the debut of the M3A1 scout car, which was an important facet of mechanized U.S. forces. This 4WD vehicle could get 80km/h out of its 87hp 6-cylinder engine, and packed a punch with one 12.7mm and up to two 7.62mm rail-mounted machine guns. It...

Tamiya 1/35 155mm SPGM40

$135.00 inc GST

Manufactured toward the final stages of WWII, the M40 self-propelled gun design employed a combination of proven M4 Sherman chassis components and the powerful 155mm "Long Tom" gun. It was a boon for the 8-man U.S. crews that deployed it, not least...

Tamiya 1/35 German Simca 5

$39.95 inc GST

The Simca 5 was a version of the Fiat 500 "Topolino," manufactured by French concern Simca, and features such as hydraulic brakes and independent front suspension were advanced for the day. Its engine was placed in the front, and there was plenty of...

Tamiya 1/35 BSA M20 Motorcycle W/M Police

$34.95 inc GST

Powered by a 12hp single cylinder side-valve engine, this reliable and easy to maintain motorcycle was used by British forces on all fronts for a wide range of duties including liaison tand convoy escort. Both the courier and MP figures are depicted...

Tamiya 1/35 MTL/SPW-SDKFZ-251/AUSF.D

$54.95 inc GST

During WWII, German armored divisions effectively used Hanomag half-track armored carriers in transport and support roles. Among the many variations was the Sd.Kfz. 251/1 Ausf.D which first appeared in 1943 and is now faithfully depicted as a plastic...

Tamiya 1/35 German Engine Maintenance Crew

$29.95 inc GST

Key Features: This set will easily allow you to depict a scene of WWII German tank engineers preparing to work on an engine. In addition to two engineer figures in overalls, engine parts for a Maybach HL230 engine which powered Tiger I, Panther, and...

Tamiya 1/35 JGSDF T-74 Winter Version

$46.95 inc GST

Key Features: This plastic model assembly kit depicts the Japan Ground Self Defense Force's Type 74 tank, which replaced the Type 61 tank in 1974. Modernized details such as the main gun thermal jacket, gunfire simulation system, and low-light aiming...

Tamiya 35035 GR.37MM Anti Tank Gun

$14.95 inc GST

Key Features: This is a 1/35 scale plastic model assembly kit depicting the 37mm Pak35/36 anti-tank gun deployed by German WWII forces. The gun is comprised of numerous parts for an authentic look. It offers elevation and traverse movement. Choose...

Tamiya 1/35 MK.IV Male (W/Motor & Figs)

$139.00 inc GST

During WWI, much of Western Europe was reduced to a massive battlefield criss-crossed by a seemingly unending network of trenches. The original British Mk.I tank was developed to break the deadlock; the Mk.IV was a later model based on many of the same...

Tamiya 1/35 German Leopard 2 A7V

$89.95 inc GST

Nearly twenty years since the release of Item 35271 (1/35 Leopard 2 A6) in 2004, Tamiya is proud to welcome the Leopard 2 A7V with totally new parts into 1/35 Military Miniature Series. The Leopard 2 A7V is an improved version of A7 (A7 is...