Futaba SBS-01RO Optical RPM Sensor

$95.00 inc GST

The Futaba SBS-01RO Optical RPM Sensor USE: Indicates the number of rotations of the item (propeller, rotor, etc.) to which it is attached. RANGE: 360 ~ 300,000 RPM/blades LENGTH: 160 mm 6.3 in WEIGHT: 4.9 g 0.173 oz VOLTAGE: DC 3.7 ~ 7.4V **...

Spektrum DX5 Rugged DSMR TX with SR515 RX

$429.00 inc GST

Your vehicles are extremely durable, why not your transmitter? The Spektrum™ DX5 Rugged™ 5-channel surface transmitter redefines radio control with a level of durability to match the tough conditions off-roaders, bashers and boaters...

Traxxas 6511 Link Wireless Module

$99.00 inc GST

Traxxas Link Wireless Module Features   Compatible with Android 4.4 and up or Apple iOS 7.0 and later platformsUse with the powerful Traxxas Link app, available on Google Play and the App StoreView real-time telemetry with optional...

Hobbywing 30603000 10Amp UBEC 2-6S

$64.99 inc GST

The UBEC is an external switching mode DC-DC regulator; it draws the DC voltage from 2-6S Lipo battery, drops it to a voltage level that is suitable for receivers and other electronic devices, and keeps providing a stable current output up to 10Amp. As...

Hobbywing 86010030 8Amp UBEC

$29.99 inc GST

The 8A-UBEC is a switch-mode DC-DC regulator works with a 2-3S Lipo battery, it outputs a consistent safe voltage for your receiver, gyro and servos. It is very suitable for large scale RC models with many servos such as nitro powered RC helicopters and...

Hobbywing 30216100 SkyWalker 60A ESC w/UBEC

$51.90 inc GST

FEATURES Safety arming feature: Regardless the throttle stick position, the motor will not spin after battery connected. Throttle calibration funtion: Throttle range can be calibrated to be compatible with different transmitters.User programmable...

Futaba SBS-01V Telemetry Voltage Sensor

$65.95 inc GST

This is an optional Futaba SBS-01V External Voltage Sensor, and is designed for use with Futaba telemetry systems. This sensor measure receiver battery voltage and the voltage of a second battery or power supply.  Specifications: External Line...

Futaba SBD-1 Telemtry Decoder

$69.00 inc GST

This is the Futaba SBD-1 16" S.Bus Decoder. The SBD Link software is used to determine which channel each individual servo will respond to, helping to prevent mismatched servo-channel connections. Three servo outputs can be programmed to specific...

Futaba Atmospheric Pressure Sensor

$55.00 inc GST

Futaba Atmospheric Pressure Sensor Indicates altitude of aircraft from atmospheric pressure Compatible with the Futaba 18MC-WC, 18MZ, 18SZ,16SZ 14SG, 10J and 6K telemetry systems* Includes 1 x Futaba SBS-02A Atmospheric Sensor 1 x Instruction...

Spektrum 9745 DSMX Remote Receiver

$79.95 inc GST

The next generation of Spektrum remote receivers are here with the SPM9745 and SPM9746 Receivers. Featuring a user friendly antenna setup that allows for the antenna to be placed in 2 positions, making installation into those tight projects easier...

Align B6M 2 In 1 Voltage Regulator

$99.00 inc GST

Align 2 in 1 B6 Voltage Regulator ●Special greaseproof/waterproof design, much reduce damages caused by fuel and water infiltration.●Add filter capacitor for high frequency interference, to efficiently reduce the outside interferences(ex. High...

SR6100AT 6 Channel AVC/Telemetry Surface Receiver

$159.00 inc GST

Spektrum™ Smart Technology is about offering a higher connection to your hobby. It's an RC ecosystem that puts you in complete control while making vital components of your model easier to use than ever before. Smart technology ensures that all of...