NiMH Battery Chargers

Tecxus TC 6000 All-Purpose Battery Charger

$119.00 inc GST

The TC 6000 Charging station is a must for each household. Using this all-purpose charger you can quickly, safely, and easily charge all popular cells (AAA, AA, C, D and 9V). The LCD display shows the state of charge for each cell individually. In...

SkyRC eN20 NiMH/NiCad Quick Charger 4-8S

$39.99 inc GST

There is one LED indicating the charger status (ready to charge/charging/charge finish). The operation of the charger is also very simple. There is a toggle switch in the charger which can be used to select charge current. After you power on the...

Dual Charger Futaba TX/RX

$38.90 inc GST

Dual Charger Futaba TX/RX   This is a dual charger to charge a Futaba Transmitter and 4.8V Receiver Battery   Input: 230-240V AC 50HZ RX Output: 4.8V DC 100mAh TX Output: 9.6V DC 100mAh