Scalextric C1408 Start Formula Challenge Set

$249.00 inc GST

The Scalectrix Formula Start set is the perfect introduction into the world of Slot Car racing! Suitable for ages 5+, this set includes over 4meters of track, which can be built in up to 5 different layouts. Set Includes: 2x Damage resistant cars...

Scalextric C1401 Jaguar I-Pace Challenge Set

$259.00 inc GST

Pitting two of the newest and most advanced electric racing cars against each other,this new set combines all of the age old excitement of Scalextric along with the latest in EV technology. SPECIAL FEATURES: Digital Plug Ready Easy Change...

Scalextric C1405 Set American Police Chase

$289.00 inc GST

The Scalextric American Police Chase Set is a high octane, high impact and aggressive racing set with the Javelin police car and the famous Dodge Challenger! You've been working on your Challenger all afternoon under the shade tree on a hot...

Scalextric C1415 Spark Plug Set Batman vs Joker

$329.00 inc GST

Batman and the Joker have been adversaries since they first met in 1940. Since then, the Clown Prince of Crime has found creative ways to escape the Caped Crusader, and in this Scalextric Batman vs Joker Spark Plug set the themed Joker car, complete with...

Scalextric C7042 Digital Advanced 6 Car Powerbase

$369.00 inc GST

The Advanced 6 Car Digital Powerbase can be used to race up to 6 cars on a Scalextric Digital layout at the same time or be used on a standard Scalextric two-lane layout. The unit has a clear user interface with two levels of features to suit both the...