Rocket Kits

Estes ES2134 MIRV Two Stage Rocket Kit - SK3

$56.90 inc GST

Estes ES2134 MIRV Two Stage Rocket Kit - SK3 Overview An awesome two stage rocket that is really 4 rockets in one! Enter the world of Multiple Re-Entry Vehicles with the Estes MIRV. The angular design of the model allows three independently...

Estes ES2410 Renegade Rocket Kit - SK3

$58.00 inc GST

Estes ES2410 Renegade Rocket Kit - SK3 Overview Witness a spectacular liftoff when you launch the Estes Renegade-D! This rebel rocket is the perfect space pirate vehicle. Using the Estes D12-5 engine it will give you and your outlaw crew superb...

Estes ES2450 EX-200 Rocket Kit - RTF

$31.90 inc GST

Estes ES2450 EX-200 Rocket Kit - RTF Overview Fully Assembled! It just doesn't get any easier than that. The EX-200 flies an amazing 425 feet on Estes Mini Engines. Just one of four new ready-to-fly kits, you'll want to get them all! In a...

Estes ES2451 Fuse Rocket Kit - RTF

$31.90 inc GST

Estes ES2451 Fuse Rocket Kit - RTF Overview   In a hurry with no time to build or are you just looking for another great flying, high performance and fun rocket to add to your collection? The Fuse is the one for you! Fully assembled gets you to...

Estes ES2460 Fat Jax Rocket Kit - RTF

$25.90 inc GST

Estes ES2460 Fat Jax Rocket Kit - RTF Overview Standing just 12.6 inches tall, this fully assembled rocket can soar 425 feet! Tiny, yet poweful and fully assembled! Powered by mini engines, Fat Jax can reach heights of 425 feet. That's way up...