Kyosho Parts

Kyosho 96773 Shim Kit 8x12x0.2mm

KP 96773
$4.95 inc GST

This is a pack of five Kyosho 8x12x0.2mm shims, used to adjust the end play on the hubs and driveshafts on the Kyosho MP9 and Inferno GT. You want to shim these parts so there is a slight amount of play, but be careful not to get them too tight, as it...

Kyosho 82145 EP Starter Pack Plus

KP 82145
$195.00 inc GST $219.00

Special starter pack supports beginners to R/C electric models and includes receiver with built-in gyro! Including the key R/C components in a single set, this starter pack makes it easier and cost-effective for newcomers to R/C cars. The 2.4GHz...