Glue & Threadlock

HPI Racing Ultra-CA Tyre Glue 20g

HP 101999
$17.95 inc GST

Thin CA Glue for tyres. Plastc 20g bottle with long nozzle and cap. Use HPI Ultra-CA Tyre Glue to secure tyres onto wheels of all types! HPI Ultra-CA Tyre Glue comes with a long nozzle for easy application in tight spots and a secure screw-tight cap for...

Super Glue Contact Cement 28.3g

$6.50 inc GST

Contact CementContact Cement is a flexible acrylic contact adhesive used to bond tile, rubber, wood, leather, metal, Formica, most plastics and much more. Remains flexible after cure and is an ideal shoe glue. Works Best...

Super Glue 5 Minute Quick Fix Epoxy Putty

SUP 15400
$17.50 inc GST

Putty StickQuick Fix Epoxy Putty is a hand-mixable adhesive sealant developed to work with most surfaces. Once mixed, the product hardens in 5 minutes and cures in 1 hour. Once the epoxy putty has cured it can be drilled, filed, tapped, sanded and...

Super Glue 5 Minute Fast Metal Epoxy 28.3g

SUP 15212
$10.95 inc GST

Metal EpoxyQuick Setting Metal Epoxy Adhesive is perfect for repairing appliances, tools, etc. It bonds most metals including copper, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass and iron. This product sets in only 5 minutes and the final cure color is light...

Super Glue Clear Silicone Sealant 28.3g

$12.00 inc GST

Silicone SealerThis Silicone Sealer seals and bonds and contains no solvents. It is dishwasher safe, waterproof, and can be used on both porous and non-porous materials. This is a perfect sealer for most indoor and outdoor items like sinks, showers, and...

Super Glue Thick Gel Super Glue 2g

$2.50 inc GST

Super Glue Gel Super Glue Gel’s thick viscosity is perfect for clean, vertical, porous surfaces like wood, hard leather and porcelain. Quick-setting gel adhesives allow for a more accurate application as they do not drip or run. Works Best On: ...

ZAP PT-104 Model Cement 1oz

$8.00 inc GST

This is a 1 fl oz (29.5 mL) tube of Zap Model Cement FEATURES Bonds polystyrene plastic models and toys Quick setting Dries clear Water resistant Full strength achieved in 24 hours INCLUDES 1 fl oz (29.5 mL) tube of Zap Model Cement

Revell RV39613 Contacta Quick

$16.95 inc GST

Revell Contacta Quick - The perfect adhesive for connections in seconds. Particularly suitable for plastic model making but also ideal for ceramics, porcelain, wood, leather, metal, cardboard and many plastics.

Tamiya 87095 Putty White

$9.99 inc GST

Easy-to-Use Hobby & Craft PuttyThis new Tamiya Putty is perfect for filling gaps, repairing holes, or creating surface texture. It can be dissolved with separately available Tamiya Lacquer Thinner for even more varieties of application. White color...

ZAP Z-42 Blue Thread Locker 0.2 oz (6mL)

$7.50 inc GST

A dab of blue thread locker will help hold metal screws nice and tight yet they can easily be removed if needed. Blue thread locker is perfect for motor mount set screws, landing gear set screws, retract screws and other high-vibration applications. Do...

ZAP PT02 CA Medium Glue 1 oz. (28.3g)

$18.95 inc GST

ZAP PT02 CA Medium Glue 1 oz. (28.3g) Fills gaps. Works well on harder woods such as Bass and Spruce, even works on oily surfaces! Some uses besides hobbies and crafts include; jewelry manufacturing and repair, taxidermy, pool cue tips, darts,...

Revell RV39609 Contacta Clear with Brush 20g

$13.50 inc GST

Revell RV39609 Contacta Clear with Brush 20gRevell Contacta Clear is a special crystal clear adhesive for model-making.It is an aqueous adhesive that is suitable for various types of plastics. In the dry state it is very clear, so that it can be used in...