Servo's & Accessories

HiTec HS-5085MG Premium Metal Gear Micro Servo

$64.95 inc GST

A digital version of one of Hitec’s most popular microi servos the HS-5085MG offers excellent centering, resolution and durability for those looking to save weight without sacrificing performance. A popular servo for smaller airplanes,...

HiTec HS-5125MG Slim Metal Gear Wing Servo

$79.95 inc GST

At 10mm thick, the Hitec HS-5125MG servo is a great choice for a super thin wing servo. Featuring a digital programmable circuit providing instant torque and holding power, Hitec’s HS-5125MG also uses our reliable M/P gear and metal gear train...

Kyosho KS3031-04M Digital Metal Gear Servo 82778

KP 82278
$69.95 inc GST

Kyosho General Purpose MG Servo for EP applications: Technical Specifications:■Operating Voltage: 4.8-6.0V■Size:L35.9mm W15.1mm H28.6mm■Speed:0.13sec/60°■Torque:4.5kgf・cm■Weight:30g■Leed Wire:150mm■Spline:25 / for FUTABA・KYOSHO

Dynamite Servo Tape Black 1-1/2"

$10.00 inc GST

Dynamite Servo Tape Key Features: Double-sided tape is ideal for mounting servos in RC vehicles, boats and other applications where holes cannot be drilled Extra wide for large scale servos May also be use to mount electronic speed controls,...

HiTEC HFP-25 Digital Servo Programmer & Tester

$149.95 inc GST

Programming your servos has never been easier… or so affordable. The HFP-25 Digital Servo Field Programmer and Tester. With its lightweight, streamlined case and rechargeable NiMH battery pack, is a must have for all hobbyists looking to program...