Servo's & Accessories

HiTec HS-5085MG Premium Metal Gear Micro Servo

$66.95 inc GST

A digital version of one of Hitec’s most popular microi servos the HS-5085MG offers excellent centering, resolution and durability for those looking to save weight without sacrificing performance. A popular servo for smaller airplanes,...

HiTec HS-5125MG Slim Metal Gear Wing Servo

$79.95 inc GST

At 10mm thick, the Hitec HS-5125MG servo is a great choice for a super thin wing servo. Featuring a digital programmable circuit providing instant torque and holding power, Hitec’s HS-5125MG also uses our reliable M/P gear and metal gear train...

HPI Racing SF-50 Metal Gear Servo 12.0Kg/cm 6V

HP 102777B
$54.95 inc GST

This high torque SF-50 Servo is a direct replacement for the SF-5 servo found on HPI trucks and buggies. High torque and a tough metal output gear give it the strength needed for applications like the steering of the Savage XL and Vorza Flux. If you're...

Kyosho KS3031-04M Digital Metal Gear Servo 82778

KP 82278
$69.95 inc GST

Kyosho General Purpose MG Servo for EP applications: Technical Specifications:■Operating Voltage: 4.8-6.0V■Size:L35.9mm W15.1mm H28.6mm■Speed:0.13sec/60°■Torque:4.5kgf・cm■Weight:30g■Leed Wire:150mm■Spline:25 / for FUTABA・KYOSHO