RC Helicopters

Align T-Rex TB70 Kit w/Motor

$1,499.00 inc GST

All-New ALIGN T-REX TB70 Top Combo RH70E52 is specially designed for extreme 3D flight addicts. The Align TB70 helicopter is a modern take on the familiar TRex helicopter lineup that have been a top choice for pilots of all skill levels. Unlike...

Align T-Rex 760X DOMINATOR Kit with Motor

$1,599.00 inc GST

The brand new ALIGN T-REX 760X Kit RH76E04 features with new body length and new 760mm main blade for F3C/3D flight design providing the outstanding performance than other series will give you the different flying feeling. The new 700FL rotor head...

Align T-REX 600XN Nitro Dominator Combo

$1,999.00 inc GST

One of the most classic ALIGN models, T-REX 600N nitro helicopter. In 2018, we bring you the brand new design of T-REX 600XN, it inherits the design of T-REX 700XN featuring innovation, rigidity and lightness. Extremely perfection and precision, the...

Blade 150 S Smart BNF Basic with AS3X and SAFE

$529.00 inc GST

  For those looking to hone their skills on a collective pitch machine, the Blade® 150 S kicks the flight experience up a notch. Engineered around the abilities of innovative SAFE® technology, its progressive flight mode system makes flying...

Blade Nano S3 RTF Helicopter w/SAFE & AS3X

$349.00 inc GST

The best micro RC collective pitch helicopter gets even better! The Blade® Nano S3 heli builds on the widely popular Nano S2 and offers key technology improvements including built-in voltage telemetry right to your compatible Spektrum™...

Align T-REX 500X Combo RC Helicopter Kit

$1,269.00 inc GST

Experienced in numerous of innovations, the brand new T-REX 500X is now ready to go. More attractive and creative design ideas are all in here, it absolutely would be your favorite T-REX 500X model ever. Refresh and refine, T-REX 500X adapt with brand...

Align T-REX 470LM Kit

$499.00 inc GST

The T-Rex 470LM Electric Helicopter is a freshly designed new size for Align, featuring 380mm main blades which have become ever more popular within the helicopter community. Included within the kit is an excellent electronics package which will...

Align T-REX 500X Super Combo RC Helicopter Kit

$1,399.00 inc GST

The Align T-Rex 500X is a refreshing revision of the ever popular 500 class helicopter! Featuring many new updates such as the FL Rotor Head System, larger 470mm main blades, tail rotor belt driven system, & sliding battery tray system. All of the...

Blade mCP X BL2 BNF Micro 3D Helicopter

$439.00 inc GST

Learning 3D heli aerobatics is now much less intimidating thanks to the durable design, refined flight performance, and SAFE® Technology in the Blade® mCP X BL2.Positioned as a beginner to intermediate heli between the Blade Nano S2...