Align T-Rex 450 Parts

Align HD360AT 360 3G Carbon Fiber Blades

$32.95 inc GST

Main Rotor blades for Trex450 all types.The 360 3G main blades are designed specifically for extreme 3D flying, featuring both high agility and excellent stability characteristics. The blades have brand new airfoil design, coupled with new painted...

Align H45182A 450DFC Linkage Rod Set

$13.95 inc GST

●Use for T-REX 450DFC (H45162/45162QN)●The ball link are manufactured utilizing POM material, sleek surface, with superior anti-wear characteristic.●Must with H45165A ●450DFC Linkage rod A × 4●450DFC Ball link × 4

Align 450L 65mm Tail Blades

$8.50 inc GST

●Use for T-REX 450.●The brand new extended tail rotor blades to match the 360mm main rotor blades also contributes to the tail locking performance. The new style paint scheme provides better visibility in midair. Includes: 65mm Tail blade × 2 pcs

Align 450DFC Main Rotor Housing Set

$22.95 inc GST

Instruction: ●Use for Use for T-REX450DFC. (H45162) ●6061-T6 Aluminum alloy material and CNC processed.●The damper rubbers are manufactured utilizing POM material, sleek surface, with superior anti-wear characteristic. Specification: ●450DFC...

Align 450 DFC Main Shaft

$13.50 inc GST

Instruction: ●Use for T-REX 450DFC. Specification: ●450DFC Main shaft x 2 (Φ5x112mm)●Socket Button Head Collar Screw x 2  (M2x12mm)●M2 nut x 2●Weight:  33g

Align H45164 450DFC Main Rotor Holder Set

$39.95 inc GST

Instruction: ●Use for T-REX450DFC.(H45162) ●6061-T6 Aluminum alloy material and CNC processed. Specification: ●450DFC Main Blade Grip x 2●MR84ZZ Bearing x 4●Socket Button Head Collar Screw  (M3x16mm) x 2●M2 socket collar screw x 2 ...

Align H45H005XXT 450 Feathering Shaft Set

$18.99 inc GST

●Use for T-REX 450 L / Plus / Sport / Pro.●Brand new design for 450 Feathering Shaft, both ends of shaft increased thickness from 3mm to 4mm, so its whole external diameter is equal in 4mm thick, plus 700 class of robust fixation between Main Rotor...