R1 Wurks 10 Gauge ESC Wire Pack

$23.95 inc GST

Electric current flow between your ESC and motor is crucial to get the most out of your electronics, that's why here at R1Wurks we provide you with the highest quality wires in the industry. Our pre-tinned, flexible wires come in many different gauges to...

R1 Wurks 5mm x 18mm Gold Bullet Plugs 2Pcs

$19.95 inc GST

Here at R1 Wurks we provide racers only the highest quality products, even down to our bullet plugs! Our plugs are typically used in both 1c and 2c lipo battery packs. Each package contains 2qty of our male "Gold 5mm x 18mm Bullet Plugs" and a R1 Wurks...

ManiaX 2600mAh 6S 22.2V 35C LiPo Battery w/XT60

$159.00 inc GST

Introducing the Latest ManiaX Power LiPo Batteries. The ultimate power pack! Key Features: More cycles with less wear High charging rate High voltage levels under load Constant voltage during use Low internal resistance Low temperatures even...