Kyosho Syncro KRG-331 Receiver w/KSS Gyro

KP 82146
$79.95 inc GST

Kyosho Syncro KRG-331 Receiver with KSS. This receiver features an adjustable gyro to allow for easier control when driving. Compatible with the Syncro KT231P, KT231P+, KT331, KT432PT, KT431S and KT631ST transmitters.    

Kyosho KS4071-06W 1/10 Standard Servo 6KG

KP 82281
$74.95 inc GST

It has a torque of 6kg (at 5V) and is standard equipment on Kyosho's 1/10 scale Readyset. A servo grommet is also included to protect the servo from engine vibration when installed on an engine model. The servo cord length is 220mm, so it can be used...