Spektrum GPS Telemetry Sensor

$119.00 inc GST

Simple to use and suitable for both Air and Surface applications, the Spektrum™ GPS Telemetry Sensor provides you with a wide range of valuable information - including location, ground speed, altitude, and distance from home - all from one...

Firma 85Amp Brushless Smart 2S ESC

$159.00 inc GST

Spektrum Firma 85A Smart ESC for surface vehicles is waterproof and delivers power and intelligence all-in-one. Without additional sensors or modules, they feed battery and ESC telemetry data straight to your radio in real time, all over one connection...

Dumas 2005 12V Boat Motor

DUM 2005
$179.00 inc GST

This is the flagship 12v scale motor that has been part of the Dumas line since the early 1960’s. Made in the U.S.A., Key Features:Ceramic Lifetime MagnetStainless Steel ShaftSelf Aligning Oil Impregnated Bronze BushingsLong Life Copper Graphite...

LogiLink PA0159 USB Digital In-Line Ammeter

$49.95 inc GST

Perfect for measuring your USB Devices and Power sources! With the PA0159 Ammeter you can quickly and easily measure Voltage, current, watt draw, power consumption all with the click of a button. Key Features: Recognizes the USB charging current,...

Maverick MM-550 15T Brushed Motor

MV 150040
$32.50 inc GST

The MM-550 15T Electric Motor is the most powerful brushed motor in the Maverick line-up! If you're looking for an easy to use power boost for your off-road racer or touring car RC, this is the motor you've been looking for! The large 550 can size means...