1/700 Plastic Model Ships & Boats

Tamiya 1/700 German Battle Cruiser Gneisenau

$36.95 inc GST

Completed in May 1938, the Gneisenau, together with here sister ship Scharnhorst, were the largest, fastest, and most powerful battlecruisers in the German Navy. She took part in many commerce raiding operations, fought against units of the Royal Navy,...

Tamiya 1/700 German Battle Cruiser Scharnhorst

$32.95 inc GST

This is an assembly kit of the Scharnhorst, which fought in the Atlantic together with her sister ship Gneisenau and sank many Allied ships, including the British aircraft carrier Glorious, before her own demise in December 1943. The battleship...

Tamiya 1/700 U. S. CA-35 Indianapolis

$59.95 inc GST

The U.S. Navy heavy cruiser, Indianapolis, was commissioned at the Philadelphia Navy Yard on November 15, 1932. On the opening day of the Pacific War, December 7, 1941, as flagship of Scouting Force, US Fleet, she was making a simulated bombardment near...