Align HFSSTQ02 Super Starter For Airplane

$229.00 inc GST

This is the Align Airplane Super Starter.  This convenient lightweight hand starter runs off LiPo battery power and features a simple one button start. Built into the starter are many smart electrical safety securities to keep you and your equipment...

Du-Bro 161 Tank Filter

$7.50 inc GST

Du-Bro 161 Tank FilterFEATURESA combination clunk-type weight and fuel filter.Made of sintered bronze to provide the ultimate in fuel filtration.Can be used with gasoline or glow fuel.Designed to fit all clunk tanks. INCLUDES One Tank Filter...

Du-Bro 192 Fuel Can Cap Fittings

$10.90 inc GST

Du-Bro 192 Fuel Can Cap FittingsDubro Fuel Can Fittings help to provide quick and easy fuel pump hook-ups. These universal cap fittings and nylon filter will fit and 1-1/4" or larger fuel can cap. The 8-piece set includes(4)1/4" nuts, 3 top...