1670 - 12V Electric Fuel Pump

$22.90 inc GST

1670 - 12V Electric Fuel Pump   This pump is for glow fuel use only, not diesel or gasoline. Includes: filter fuel nozzle 2 pcs self tapping screws pre-wired alligator clips. It can be hard wired into your flight box and attached to...

25204200 - OS Hyper Head 50 SX-H

$80.00 inc GST

25204200 - OS Hyper Head 50 SX-H This is the replacement Heatsink Cylinder Head for the O.S. 50 SX-H Ring Hyper. This will also fit on the standard 50 SX-H Ring   Aluminum construction, blue in color Package includes : One hyper head and one...

25217000 - OS Engines Piston Pin Retainers

$8.00 inc GST

25217000 - OS Engines Piston Pin Retainers These are the Piston Pin Retainers for the O.S. Max 50SX-H and the 50SX-HG Engines. These retainers snap into grooved holes on either side of the piston to hold the piston pin in place. INCLUDES:   ...

9604 - TTPRO-39H(R) Helicopter Engine

$245.00 inc GST

9604 - TTPRO-39H(R) Helicopter Engine This is the Pro .39H Ringed Glow RC Helicopter Engine from Thunder Tiger FEATURES: Fits all popular 30 size helicopters with gear ratios between 9.1:1 to 9.8:1 Developes peak horsepower at 16,000-18,000RPM...