Knives, Blades, Drill, Scissors, Saws

Excel/ProEdge P01500 360 Swivel Blade

$6.50 inc GST

High quality #64 rotating swivel blades, 100% Made in the USA and engineered for cutting circles or intricate patterns on film, paper, stencils, decals, and more Perfect tool for graphic artists, designers, hobbyists, and arts and crafts applications...

Tamiya Fine Engraving Blade 0.25mm

$39.95 inc GST

This is a precision blade for engraving plastic models, offering an exacting finish and superb durability.Use it to engrave new details or emphasize existing ones. Includes one engraving blade, which at 0.25mm is perfect for use on static models such as...

Tamiya 74041 Electric Handy Drill

$49.95 inc GST

This is a ready-to-assemble electric handy drill for use with plastic models and wood crafts. FEATURES: It's powerful for simple work on plastic and wood. Able to handle most of your modeling needs. Turns at about 450rpm. 2mm drill bit included...

Tamiya 75040 Medium Modelers Knife

$19.95 inc GST

This is a medium size art knife, which comes in handy during plastic model construction. Its sharp and pointed 0.45mm thickness blade is ideal for intricate cutting, curving and shaving of plastic. Comes with 25 spare blades.

Tamiya 74035 Sharp Pointed Side Cutters

$59.95 inc GST

With thinner, sharper-pointed blades - without losing any of the superb cutting edge. these plastic model side cutters come into their own used upon sprues with finer parts and less clearance, such as details on ship models.

Tamiya 74031 Decal Scissors

$38.95 inc GST

These Tamiya Decal Scissors are made of high quality carbon steel and are perfect for two major applications. The first application is for cutting out your paper decals from a plastic model kit. The sharp carbon steel and fine point makes it easy for...

Plastic 8-Part Snap Off Utility Knife 18mm.

$3.00 inc GST

These are very sharp and have a good blade lock system to prevent the blade sliding in and out when cutting. Has 8 snap off points so when the blade finally dulls or gets all sticky from cutting tape you simply snap it off and start fresh.

Excel 55595 5" Black Spruce Cutter

EXC 55595
$32.95 inc GST

Excel #55595 5" Black Sprue Cutters The Excel Blades Sprue Cutter includes a soft cushion grip handles designed for ultimate comfort and a secure grip. The spring-loaded technology helps reduce hand cramping and fatigue. The extra sharp blades on...

Excel 44383 Crasftsman Precision Knife Set

EXC 44383
$59.95 inc GST

Excel Blades – Craftsmen Set Made in the USAExcel Blades’ Craftsmen Set (44383) is a one of kind necessity to artists in all levels.This collection is encased within a simple yet stunning wooden case ( with a clasp lock) that truly protects...