Other Glues

ZAP PT12 Goo 29.5ml

$6.00 inc GST

ZAP PT12 Goo 29.5ml   This is a 29.5ml tube of ZAP Goo All Purpose Adhesive and Sealant Overview Uses: ZAP GOO bonds wood to fiberglass, metal to wood, plastic to metal, just about anything to anything with a strong flexible bond. ZAP...

Tamiya 87176 Decal Adhesive

$6.90 inc GST

Tamiya 87176 Decal Adhesive Description:This is Tamiya decal adhesive. It is perfect for giving adhesive power to decals which have sat too long in water and lost their stickiness or become prone to "silvering," when the clear face of the...

Tamiya 87102 Mark Fit Decal Solution 40ml

$7.50 inc GST

Tamiya 87102 Mark Fit Decal Solution 40ml  Perfect Decal Application Mark Fit enables perfect decal applications. It softens decals so they can easily fit to uneven, rounded, and matt finish surfaces of plastic models while increasing adhesion...

Tamiya 87078 Craft Bond

$7.90 inc GST

Tamiya 87078 Craft Bond   Tamiya Craft Bond Perfect for Papercraft Projects! This water-based craft bond can be used for diorama creation and papercraft model assembly. It is compatible with paper, wood, fabric, leather, foam board, and styrofoam...