Guillows Jetfire Twin Pack

GUI 0032
$13.95 inc GST

Our best selling glider packaged in a protective box, two Jetfire gliders are packed in this "value added" packaging. Perfect for gift giving. Includes 2 Chuck Gliders

Guillows Mini Models U.S F6F Hellcat

GUI 4503
$39.95 inc GST

The 4503 U.S. Hellcat is fashioned after WWII's F6F Hellcat, which is known for whipping out the Japanese carrier based fighters and for being a potent fighter-bomber during WWII. The kit contains LASER CUT balsa parts, plastic propeller & wheels,...

Guillows Cloud Buster with White Glue

GUI 4301
$49.95 inc GST

Now Including LASER CUT BALSA PARTS !!! This is the THIRD SKILL LEVEL in the "Build-N-Fly" construction kit series, a series which will teach you how to build and enjoy flying model airplanes. The Cloud Buster is a rubber powered model airplane which...

Guillows P-47D Thunderbolt 1/16 Balsa Model Kit

GUI 1001
$179.00 inc GST

Although partially overshadowed by the famous Mustang, the Republic P-47 Thunderbolt established a distinguished record as a high altitude interceptor and bomber escort. More Thunderbolts were manufactured during World War 2 than any other American...