Landing Gear

Robart 90 Degree Reverse Electric Main Retracts (Pair)

$649.00 inc GST

The 530 Series retract offers a ultra low profile only 1 inch high. This gear is a reverse retract, brining the wheel up and away from the gear. This can take either a 3/8" or 7/16" diameter RoboStrut. Standard gear wire in 3/16" is also...

Du-Bro 156 Nylon Nose Gear Block 5/32"

$7.50 inc GST

Du-Bro 156 Nylon Nose Gear Block 5/32"This is a Dubro Nylon Nose gear block for use with 5/32" nose gear wire.  FEATURES Nylon blocks.Full metal hardware package.Brass spacer bushing. INCLUDES Two nylon blocks.One brass...