Clevis & Connectors

Du-Bro 228 Nylon Mini Kwik Links

$2.90 inc GST

Du-Bro 228 Nylon Mini Kwik LinksFEATURESNylon constructionSelf threading for 2-56 rods or couplers. INCLUDES Two nylon clevises REQUIREMENTS 2-56 rods or couplers SPECIFICATIONS Length: .75" COMMENTS These Mini Kwik-Links...

Du-Bro 112 2-56 Solder Kwik-Links

$3.70 inc GST

Du-Bro 112 2-56 Solder Kwik-LinksSolder Kwik-Links are nickel plated making a strong, attractive and easy to solder connector for servo or horn. 2-56 Solder Kwik-Link designed for use with .072 diameter wire, link guards included.2pcs

Du-Bro 109 2-56 Spring Steel Kwik-Link Clevis

$4.50 inc GST

Du-Bro 109 2-56 Spring Steel Kwik-Link ClevisSpring Steel Kwik-Links are the tried and true top quality Kwik-Link. Ideal for control linkage hook-up. Use with threaded rods or threaded couplers. 2-56 are for use with .072 dia wire, link guards included...