Tamiya 74085 8Pcs Tool Kit for R/C

$59.95 inc GST

This R/C tool set is great for assembling R/C models and includes medium and large sized screwdrivers (+), a screwdriver (-), 5.5mm and 7mm box wrench, and three hex wrenches of 1.5mm, 2mm, and 2.5mm. Also included is a removable grip which can be...

Revell Model-Set Painting Accessories Pack

$19.95 inc GST

Basic accessories for successfully painting the model!! Contents:- 3 quality paintbrushes (0/3/5)- Brush cleaner (14 ml)- 2 pipettes WARNING! For children over 8 years of age only! For use under adult supervision.WARNING! Adhesive containing solvent...

Tamiya 74051 Fine Pin Vise 0.1mm - 1.0mm

$19.95 inc GST

Many modeling tasks call for the drilling of holes of various sizes. The Fine Pin Vise D is a highly useful tool for this kind of drilling. It features a rotating end, and is capable of holding drill bits from 0.1mm to 1.0mm in diameter.

Tamiya 75040 Medium Modelers Knife

$19.95 inc GST

This is a medium size art knife, which comes in handy during plastic model construction. Its sharp and pointed 0.45mm thickness blade is ideal for intricate cutting, curving and shaving of plastic. Comes with 25 spare blades.

Tamiya 74035 Sharp Pointed Side Cutters

$56.95 inc GST

With thinner, sharper-pointed blades - without losing any of the superb cutting edge. these plastic model side cutters come into their own used upon sprues with finer parts and less clearance, such as details on ship models.

Tamiya 74031 Decal Scissors

$38.95 inc GST

These Tamiya Decal Scissors are made of high quality carbon steel and are perfect for two major applications. The first application is for cutting out your paper decals from a plastic model kit. The sharp carbon steel and fine point makes it easy for...

Tamiya 74003 Angled Tweezers

$21.95 inc GST

These tweezers feature a finely-angled tip that gives you access to hard-to-reach places, while of course the meet of the two points is spot-on. The result is hassle-free attachment of all parts, whether fiddly or otherwise.

Tamiya 87024 Finishing Abrasives Ultra Fine Set

$7.50 inc GST

Finishing abrasives are a key item for modelers - from cleaning up join lines to filing down putty or preparing a surface for a final finish, their uses are myriad. The material used on these sheets discourages gumming up of the surface. It can be used...