Arrowmax Glow Plug/Clutch Nut Wrench

$35.90 inc GST

This is the Arrowmax Glow Plug/Clutch Nut Wrench. This wrench features specially treated spring steel shafts with precision machined tips for precise fit and long life. The 8mm wrench on one end can be used for glow plug installation and removal, and...

Arrowmax Nut Driver Set 5.5 & 7.0 X 100MM 2pc

$40.50 inc GST

A sharp purple anodized hollow aluminum handle, Light weight non-slip hollow, hard anodized aluminum handles with size indication rings .Machined special spring steel for long life and excellent torsion. Sturdy and convenient to use, the tips securely...

Du-Bro 216 Kwik-Hinge Slotter

$10.00 inc GST

Du-Bro 216 Kwik-Hinge Slotter FEATURESCenters and guides for perfectly aligned slots for any hinge.Blades fit #2 X-Acto handle.3 snap on jig guides.  INCLUDES Three Blades Three Snap On Jig Guides Balsa Picker