Tamiya Spray-Work Airbrush Stand II

$39.95 inc GST

This airbrush stand will greatly help you with painting at your work area. This stand consists of a tray-type base and two airbrush hangers which enable placement of two airbrushes at the same time and is compatible with all Tamiya airbrushes except for...

Tamiya Modeler's Side Cutter Fluro Green

$26.95 inc GST

This versatile and long-lasting set of side cutters will be a great long-term addition to your tool kit, and is now available with handles in fluorescent green Carbon tool steel blades give a superlative cutting edge.    

Monoject Curved Tip Irrigating Syringe 12CC

$7.50 inc GST

The Monoject 412 curved tip syringe is great for applying epoxy glue and for getting into tiny places. More practical uses for the Monoject 412 syringe include precision adhesive application, solvent removal, gentle exfoliation for delicate projects,...

HPI 115537 Pro Series Tools 1.5mm Hex Driver

HP 115537
$26.00 inc GST

HPI Racing Pro-Series are made to exacting standards to fulfill the needs of all RC hobbyists, from bashers to pro-level racers. These tools will perform and look great for years. Features: Large handle for ease of use with or without pit...

Tamiya Fine Engraving Blade 0.25mm

$39.95 inc GST

This is a precision blade for engraving plastic models, offering an exacting finish and superb durability.Use it to engrave new details or emphasize existing ones. Includes one engraving blade, which at 0.25mm is perfect for use on static models such as...

Excel 70060 4" Speed Clamp

EXC 70060
$16.95 inc GST

Quick Clamp 4inch Lever action clamp with a 4in - 10.1cm jaw opening allows for fast and exact application of force for delicate projects. Easy to use thumb screw allows for jaw reversal and use as an expander. Includes ribbed rubber grips.

Revell Rivet Maker Tool

$29.95 inc GST

A special tool for engraving rows of rivets on a model. It is supplied with four interchangeable engraving discs. Fine rows of rivets simply belong to many aircraft models. They can however be very quickly ground out by a small amount of inattention...