RC Dyno Tuning Services

Want to get the absolute best power and torque!?

Need to measure your current draw and adjust timing!?

Want the best break in and tune for your Nitro engine!?

Our specially made Dyno can accept up to 1/8th vehicles and features the latest in data acquisition and logging capabilities. with variable load levels, Electronic throttle and ESC control we are able to tune any vehicle to optimal condition.

Nitro Engine Tuning Service

$75.00 inc GST

Get the best tune! - We'll run your ride up on our Dyno and tune both low end and high end mixture settings with variable load levels. We will simulate a track race condition and run the car through several virtual laps, testing all ranges of your...

Nitro Engine Break-In Service

$75.00 inc GST

Unlike traditional bench break-in platforms which utilize a flywheel weight, our specially made Dyno features a rolling road instance which allows us to do this in the vehicle under real load conditions! We apply active cooling to keep the environment...