Kyosho RC Cars

Kyosho 30617B 1/10 EP 4WD Kit Optima Retro

$639.00 inc GST

Kyosho 30617B - 1/10 Optima 4WD Buggy Kit The first OPTIMA model was heralded as a technical masterpiece at its release in 1985 and from then, Kyosho has set the standard in R/C development. Memories of the OPTIMA are fresh even after 30 years and its...

Kyosho 34111B EP RS 4WD Inferno MP9E Evo2 ReadySet

$1,049.00 inc GST

Advanced racing buggy packed with the latest design features is ready for action almost straight out of the box! The Inferno MP9e competes at the highest level in major 1/8 scale electric buggy races around the world. To keep pace with the ever-changing...

Kyosho 33021 1/8 GP RS Inferno MP9 TKi4 ReadySet

$1,049.00 inc GST

Take the incredible performance of the MP9 TKI4 straight from the box to the race circuit with this Readyset! With 8 world championship titles, the Inferno has set the standard as the most powerful 1/8 scale engine racing buggy of all time. The DNA of...

Kyosho EP RS Mini-Z MR-03 Honda NXS 130R

$299.00 inc GST

RWD series is a Rear-Wheel Drive design that emphasizes superior handling paired with the Syncro KT-531P Transmitter. With just 8 x AAA-size batteries, the MINI-Z Racer allows anyone to enjoy the beautiful style and advanced performance of R/C cars...

Kyosho Ultima RB7 1/10 2WD Electric Buggy Kit

$699.00 inc GST

This is the Kyosho Ultima RB7 1/10 2WD Electric Buggy Kit. Having achieved the golden double of 1st place and TQ in the 2WD class at the 2013 IFMAR Electric Off-Road World Championship, the RB6 series has maintained its performance edge through...

Kyosho FZ02 EP Kit 4WD Fazer Mk2 Chassis Kit

$299.00 inc GST $349.00

Equipped with popular optional parts, this chassis kit is an optimal base for any racing vehicle! The FAZER Mk2 Readyset was created for the pure enjoyment of R/C car driving. Now available as a chassis kit, owners have the flexibility to add their...