Pro-Line 1/10 Off-Road

Pro-Line Hyrax 1.9" Predator Crawler Tyres

$76.95 inc GST

This is a pair of Hyrax 1.9" Rock Crawling Tyres in the all-new Predator Compound. The future of 1.9" Tire Performance has arrived with Pro-Line's Hyrax Tyre! Designed from the ground up for maximum grip on the toughest terrain, the Hyrax tyre is ready...

Pro-Line Hexon 2.2" Z3 Carpet Buggy Rear Tyres

$39.95 inc GST

This is a pair of Hexon Buggy Rear Carpet Tires. Introducing the all-new Hexon Carpet Buggy Rear race tire! The Hexon features a hexagon pattern of uniquely shaped pins that provide longer-lasting tread and more consistent performance than previous...