Tamiya Mini 4WD Parts

Tamiya 15186 Mini 4WD Plasma Dash Motor

$20.90 inc GST

High RPM, high torque. This type of endbell and motor case provides better heat dissipation. Detachable brushes make for easier maintenance. Voltage(V) - 2.4 -3.0 Torque (nM-m) - 1.4-1.9 RPM(r/min) - 25000-28000 Current (A) - 4.1-5.2

Tamiya 15317 Mini 4WD Power Dash Motor

$10.90 inc GST

A high performance motor that generates little interference. The Power-Dash motor is to be used when running on technical circuits with up and down grade portions where torque is essential. Direct Fit Upgrade Motor Features high rpm, high power...

Tamiya 15318 Mini 4WD Sprint Dash Motor

$10.90 inc GST

The Sprint-Dash motor is to be used when running circuits with long straight portion where top speed is essential. Sprint-Dash motor generates little interference thanks to carbon brushes and has excellent endurance. Voltage(V) - 2.4-3.0 Torque...