Tamiya 54997 Hornet Full Ball Bearing Set

$20.95 inc GST

Key Features: This ball bearing set fully replaces the stock plastic bushings in your Tamiya Hornet kit and other Tamiya vehicles. The use of ball bearings increases drive efficiency as well as...

Tamiya 54924 GF-01 Full Bearing Set

$44.95 inc GST

Key Features: This is a Full Ball Bearing Kit for the GF-01 chassis. By installing these into your kit, it will insure a more efficient drivetrain resulting in better top speed and less wear and...

Tamiya 54757 M-07 Concept Stabilizer Set

$34.95 inc GST

Key Features: These stabilizers are designed to be used with the M-07 Concept machine. They are a valuable tool in adjusting the M-07 Concept setup by quickly and easily altering the suspension...

Tamiya 54649 TT-02 Diff Lock Block

$22.95 inc GST

Key Features: Used in place of kit-standard gear differentials, this part gives a locked diff effect for less slippage. High traction levels can give an advantage on the exit from a corner, or...

Tamiya 54628 08 Module Steel Pinion 17T

$9.95 inc GST

These steel parts have greater durability compared to kit standard aluminum pinion gears, letting you run your car with increased gear life. Key Features: Use this steel pinion gear in place of...

Tamiya 54430 Sponge Tape For Bumber

$7.95 inc GST

Key Features: Eliminate any gaps between urethane bumper and body with this handy sponge tape. Less body wobble means a more stable and predictable drive. Has a range of other applications,...

Tamiya 54152 RC Damper Oil Air Remover

$69.95 inc GST

Remove air from your shock damper oil swiftly and efficiently for maximized damper performance. The pump lowers air pressure, causing bubbles to rise to the top. Can also be used as a damper stand...