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Kyosho FZ02 EP Kit 4WD Fazer Mk2 Chassis Kit

$299.00 inc GST $349.00

Equipped with popular optional parts, this chassis kit is an optimal base for any racing vehicle! The FAZER Mk2 Readyset was created for the pure enjoyment of R/C car driving. Now available as a chassis kit, owners have the flexibility to add their...

Blade 150 S BNF Basic Helicopter

$459.00 inc GST $499.99

For those looking to hone their skills on a collective pitch machine, the Blade® 150 S kicks the flight experience up a notch. Engineered around the abilities of innovative SAFE® technology, its progressive flight mode system makes flying a...

Align T-REX 800E Pro DFC Super Combo RC Helicopter Kit

$2,799.00 inc GST $2,849.00

The T-REX 800E PRO DFC is an 800 class flagship designed specifically for 3D flights. The CCPM direct connect servo design, coupled with DFC rotor head assembly, results in fast, precise, and more direct control reaction. The frame material integration...

Blade mCP X BL2 BNF Micro 3D Helicopter

$379.00 inc GST $399.00

Learning 3D heli aerobatics is now much less intimidating thanks to the durable design, refined flight performance, and SAFE® Technology in the Blade® mCP X BL2.Positioned as a beginner to intermediate heli between the Blade Nano S2...

Tamiya 1/14 Knight Hauler RC Tractor Truck Kit

$769.00 inc GST $799.00

Tamiya 1/14 Knight Hauler RC Tractor Truck Kit A spirited scale semi! When it comes to hauling heroics, no truck can top the Tamiya Knight Hauler! Kit features a 540 motor, a metal ladder frame chassis, a 3-speed transmission and rubber tires. The...