ESC Accessories

R1 Wurks 10 Gauge ESC Wire Pack

$23.95 inc GST

Electric current flow between your ESC and motor is crucial to get the most out of your electronics, that's why here at R1Wurks we provide you with the highest quality wires in the industry. Our pre-tinned, flexible wires come in many different gauges to...

ORCA Blueconn OTA ESC Programming Module

$115.00 inc GST

ORCA OTA Bluetooth Programming Module. Key Features: Very small and light weight (small enough to be left in your RC car) Select from four different languages All programming features including Punch, Party Mode, PM Limiter, PWM, Drag Brake,...

Hobbywing ESC LED Programming Box

$26.95 inc GST

The Hobbywing LED Program Card is used to program Hobbywing ESC's. It features a user friendly interface and is easy to use. Package includes program box and 3-wire male/male plug for hooking the programmer to the ESC. Compatible With: Platinum V1/V2...

DASH AI MAX HD Programming Card

$109.00 inc GST

This LED Program card is for programming Dash AI MAX ESC. Its friendly interface makes programming easy and quick. Compact and portable, it is a must-have for all Dash AI MAX ESC users.