ESC Accessories

Arrma AR390249 BLX85 Cooling Fan 25mm

$28.95 inc GST

This BLX85 fan keeps your ESC running cool when conditions get hot or when you are doing extreme high speed running. Key Features: Super-tough composite material for long-lasting durability and premium performance in all conditions Easy to fit for...

Hobbywing ESC LED Programming Box

$26.95 inc GST

The Hobbywing LED Program Card is used to program Hobbywing ESC's. It features a user friendly interface and is easy to use. Package includes program box and 3-wire male/male plug for hooking the programmer to the ESC. Compatible With: Platinum V1/V2...

DASH AI MAX HD Programming Card

$109.00 inc GST

This LED Program card is for programming Dash AI MAX ESC. Its friendly interface makes programming easy and quick. Compact and portable, it is a must-have for all Dash AI MAX ESC users.