Kolm Engines


Kolm BX155 V4 2 Cylinder Boxer Engine

$7,499.00 inc GST

The BX155-V4 engine is considered a power house in the towing sector. Models with a take-off weight of up to 25kg can also tow gliders of up to 22kg. They have achieved top scores in noise measurements, when used with the optional silencer. The...

Kolm IL150 V4 3 Cylinder Long Engine

$7,899.00 inc GST

  The IL150-3 engine is well-known among warbird fans, and is ideally suited for models up to 25kg. This drive unit features small installation dimensions; it can be equipped with an electric starter as an option, and is available in long and...

Kolm IL100 V4 2 Cylinder Long Engine

$6,899.00 inc GST

  This is the new version of the KOLM IL100 V4 Long Engine , with individual carburetors per cylinder - this engine is a real power house for your beloved war-birds! OPTIONS AVAILABLE:Electric starterAvailable with clockwise or...

Kolm IL155 V4 2 Cylinder Long Engine

$6,399.00 inc GST

  The IL155-V4 engine has proved its worth as an extremely reliable drive unit for warbird models with take-off weight up to 25kg. It is also available with a 270° or 180° crankshaft. All versions of IL155 can be equipped with an...