Green Smooth PET Tape Roll 50mm x 33M

$8.95 inc GST

PET Tape is perfect for the insulation, binding and fixation of LiPo batteries as well as a print surface material for heated 3D printer beds. Sometimes known as Mylar tape (a proprietary name of Dupont) this tape is made of PET film and acrylic adhesive...

Prusament PLA Premium Mystic Brown 1KG

$84.95 inc GST

Is it brown? Is it purple? With Prusament Premium PLA Mystic Brown, it's up to you. You can experiment with higher nozzle temperatures, layer heights and nozzle diameters to get fabulous light effects on your objects.  Affordable filament for...

Prusa MK3S Noctua Nozzle Cooling 5v Fan

$29.95 inc GST

Extra silent hotend cooling fan with the RPM measuring made by Noctua. Warning: This fan is not compatible with the Original Prusa MK2/S! The Original Prusa MK2.5 needs a reduction for using this fan. Specification  Size:...

Prusa MK3S Hotend Fan 5V

$34.95 inc GST

Specification  Size: 40×40×10 mm Connector: 3-pin Bearing: SSO2 Frame technology: AAO Rotational speed: 4500 RPM Airflow: 8,2 mm m³/h Acoustical noise: 17,9 dB(A) Max input power: 0,25 W Max input current: 0,05...