Misc Tools

Tamiya 74064 Work Stand w/Magnifying Lens

$179.00 inc GST

A Must Have For Any True ModelerDo you have to strain your eyes when you are working on that fine detailing? Do you always have a messy work area and need more space to work with? Do you want a compact workbench that can be easily carried anywhere you...

Excel 70022 Excel Deluxe Magna Visor Black

$37.95 inc GST

This high quality tool includes the ability to use any one of four different self-contained magnifications. Each visor has a permanent fixed lens along with a unique fold-down lens and pivoting outside loop. By modifying the different combinations you...

Arrowmax Pit Mat 1200 X 600MM

$54.95 inc GST

Arrowmax introduce their newest pit-mat made by brand new materials. Measure at 1200 x 600mm, the newest pit mat offer generous size and provide ample space to work on. Using a non-slip rubberize materials at base, and toped with TC material on the...

AKA Pro Multi Tip Tire Punch

$29.95 inc GST

AKA is proud to announce an update to the most popular tire punch on the market. The all new Pro Multi Tip Tire Punch features a new cantilever design to increase punch pressure and reduce hand fatigue.The redesigned handle has plastic cover on the lower...

TLR 8IGHT/T Clutch Rebuild/Service Box

$119.95 inc GST

TLR 8IGHT/T Clutch Rebuild/Service Box Includes: Composite Clutch Shoes (4) Aluminum Clutch Shoes (4) Clutch Nut, 1/8 (1) Spacer, 1/8 4 Shoe Clutch (2) 3 x 6mm Button Head Screw, Zinc (4) 3 x 8mm Flat Head Screw...

Great Planes 4-Step Standard Prop Shaft Reamer

$24.95 inc GST

This is a 4-step prop reamer for standard size prop shafts(American measures).This is NOT for metric shafts. It is used to enlarge the hole on the prop because most of the time the hole is too small to fit the engine. This is the best way to do it...

ProEdge P50500 Combo Hammer with 7 Heads

$39.00 inc GST

 ProEdge P50500 Combo Hammer with 7 Heads  7 Head Combo Set. All Metal construction, steel head press fitted to a steel stem and plated with black oxide for a durable and attractive finish. Fitted to a large comfortable aluminium handle.