Excel 70022 Excel Deluxe Magna Visor Black

$37.95 inc GST

This high quality tool includes the ability to use any one of four different self-contained magnifications. Each visor has a permanent fixed lens along with a unique fold-down lens and pivoting outside loop. By modifying the different combinations you...

Excel 55595 5" Black Spruce Cutter

$19.95 inc GST

Excel #55595 5" Black Sprue Cutters The Excel Blades Sprue Cutter includes a soft cushion grip handles designed for ultimate comfort and a secure grip. The spring-loaded technology helps reduce hand cramping and fatigue. The extra sharp blades on...

Excel 44383 Crasftsman Precision Knife Set

$44.95 inc GST

Excel Blades – Craftsmen Set Made in the USAExcel Blades’ Craftsmen Set (44383) is a one of kind necessity to artists in all levels.This collection is encased within a simple yet stunning wooden case ( with a clasp lock) that truly protects...

Arrowmax Pit Mat 1200 X 600MM

$54.95 inc GST

Arrowmax introduce their newest pit-mat made by brand new materials. Measure at 1200 x 600mm, the newest pit mat offer generous size and provide ample space to work on. Using a non-slip rubberize materials at base, and toped with TC material on the...

Tamiya 87175 PRO II Pointed Modeling Brush -Small

$29.95 inc GST

★These brushes use high-quality Kolinsky sable hair, for a fine point and excellent performance. ★Offering just the right amount of stiffness while still absorbing good quantities of paint, they are sure to be a must-have item for modelers of any genre...

Excel 20002 #02 Straight Edge Knife Blades 5pcs

$6.50 inc GST

5pc Excel No 2 Long Straight Edge Knife Blades Excel 20002 5 piece package 1 3/4 long x 3/8 wide x 1 1/8 inch Edge #2 blades have a similar profile to the #11 blade, but are much heavier built for hard to cut materials For trimming and scoring...