Eflite - Cherokee 1.3m BNF Basic w/AS3X and SAFE

$529.00 inc GST

The revolutionary PA-28 Cherokee began rolling off a brand-new Vero Beach, Florida assembly line in the early 1960s. Its simple design and smooth handling made it a popular light aircraft for successful flight training and personal use. Since then,...

E-flite Shoestring 15e ARF Racer

$329.00 inc GST

At home as a sport flyer or a serious racer, the E-flite Shoestring 15e EF1 Racer is built for performance. This electric sportster is NMPRA-legal for EF1-class pylon racing competition, by adding the E-flite Power 25 BL 1250Kv Outrunner motor, 60A...

Hangar 9 Van's RV-4 30cc ARF

$1,049.00 inc GST

Among the hundreds of homebuilt aircraft designs that have taken flight over the years, few inspire pilot devotion like the Van's RV line of airplanes. Just ask any of the faithful. It doesn't matter which RV they fly. They will all testify to a balance...

Kyosho 11874 EP/GP 50 Zero A6M5 ARF

$589.00 inc GST

The Japanese Navy’s main fighter was active from the middle to the end of WWII has been realistically reproduced. The Kyosho GP50 ARF ZERO A6M5 Playing its crucial role as the Japanese Navy’s main fighter, the Zero Fighter Model 52 joined...

GT Power Tachometer Red 2-9 Blades w/Backlit LCD

$39.95 inc GST

Take the guessing work out of your Prop and Motor Combos, know whats going on with your setup.Ever wanted to know how fast your motor is spinning? Wished you could better select the right propeller for your motor?Now you can more accurately tune and...

Freewing - L-39 Albatros Camo 80mm EDF Jet PNP Deluxe

$879.00 inc GST

Freewing L-39 Albatros 80mm EDF Jet in Russian Camo Combining the sport performance of the Avanti and the fidelity of scale aircraft like the A-4 and MiG-21, Freewing continues the legacy of its excellent performing 80mm EDF jets with its Freewing 80mm...

Great Planes Tori 2M EP Glider Rx-R

$529.00 inc GST

Leave the World, Steal the Sky Imagine weightlessness. Sunlight glowing on the trim scheme as you search for and ride thermals. Miles of sky and zero worries to bring you back to Earth. Freedom, fun, and relaxation are what the Tori has to offer...