WJ Tech 1/12 Titans Gyro Stunt Car 2.4Ghz

$89.95 inc GST

The fun and excitement starts here, with the Titans 2.4GHz RC Stunt Car. With the inbuilt Gyro system the Titans will auto stand-up and drive on two wheels then flip and spin!. Control functions - Forward, Backward, Turn Left / Right, Bouncing,...

Tamya 70097 Twin-Motor Gearbox Kit

$29.95 inc GST

Tamiya’s twin-motor gearbox consists of two independent brushed DC motors and gearboxes in one compact housing, making it perfect for small robots. You can assemble the gearboxes to have a 58:1 or a 204:1 gear ratio. The Tamiya twin-motor gearbox...

Tamiya 75021 Elecraft Series Solar Charger Set

$99.95 inc GST

Powered by the Sun! As long as there is light from the sun, we are able to create clean energy. This Solar Charger Set features a charge station, 2.0V-125mA solar panel, and a motorized car which allows you to experience first hand "green energy". The...

Maisto Tech New Holland 1/16 RC Farm Tractor

$89.00 inc GST

Maisto: 1:16 New Holland R/C Farm Tractor Remote control model of a tractor. This 1:16 scale RC agricultural powerhouse features full function control and is simple to steer thanks to the intuitive controller. It has chunky off-road tyres and...